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Family Law Advocacy and Mediation in New Hampshire
Schwartzberg Law is dedicated to helping families through trying times. Our firm emphasizes the use of mediation and collaborative law as ways to resolve divorce and related issues outside of court. However, if litigation becomes necessary, we have the experience and skill needed to present a strong case to a judge.

Led by Plymouth divorce lawyer Ora Schwartzberg, we have served families in New Hampshire since 1985. We are a client-focused law firm, which means we offer personal attention to every client, taking all the time necessary to answer questions and explain options thoroughly.

Our Areas of Practice
Our firm handles all family law issues, always striving to preserve the self-respect and dignity of everyone involved, and working to shield children from stress and harm.

For Unmarried Couples: For couples who are thinking about marriage or do not wish to get married at all, we are available to explain the benefits and drawbacks of prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.

Divorce: We help couples resolve divorce and all related issues, such as:

  • •   Child custody and visitation, parenting plans and child support
  • •   Property division
  • •   Post-divorce modifications of child support, alimony and child custody orders
  • •   Same-sex divorce
  • Offering a Variety of Divorce Resolution Methods
    Though the traditional way of thinking about divorce brings up images of bitter courtroom battles, we believe that a more cooperative, negotiation-based approach benefits everyone involved, at least in most situations. These approaches include:

  • •   Mediation
  • •   Collaborative law
  • We can also answer questions about whether you need an attorney, whether you should use an attorney as a mediator and whether limited representation, also called unbundled legal services, is adequate to protect your interests. If a cooperative resolution to your divorce is simply not realistic, we are equipped to handle even the most complex divorce litigation to protect your rights in court.

    Services for Businesses
    In addition to our family law practice, we are also available to help businesses resolve disputes. Ora Schwartzberg is experienced in guiding businesses through mediation in order to minimize legal expenses and preserve business relationships.