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Mediation Services for Businesses

Mediation offers a cost-effective alternative means of conflict resolution for businesses. Rather than spending a great deal of time and money on litigation or settlement negotiations, business owners can turn to a skilled mediator who may be able to resolve the dispute in a matter of hours or days.

Attorney Ora Schwartzberg is available to mediate business disputes for companies in New Hampshire. We have found that nearly all business conflicts can be resolved through effective mediation. Ms. Schwartzberg can facilitate discussions between both parties, helping them think about creative options that satisfy all concerned. The firm's business mediation services are designed to preserve valuable business relationships while resolving disputes in ways that minimize the impact on our clients' bottom lines.

Mediation for a Wide Range of Business Disputes
Mediation allows parties to develop workable solutions to business problems, and do so without the time and expense of litigation. As an experienced business mediator, Ora Schwartzberg helps clients resolve issues related to:

  • •   Real estate purchase and sale contracts
  • •   Vendor agreements and disputes
  • •   Partnership/shareholder agreements and disputes
  • •   Employment contracts and employee disputes
  • •   Disputes between family members in a family owned business
  • •   Family business succession conflicts
  • Business mediation is particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses. These companies often do not have the financial resources or time for costly litigation. Moreover, lasting relationships with business associates are vital to the viability of these entities. Our mediation service provides these companies with an intelligent, creative way to solve problems and move forward.