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Managing Conflict in Organizations

Customized Conflict Resolution Training in Plymouth, NH
Personal and business conflicts can affect every element of an organization: employee morale, public relations, the bottom line, and more. Many are unprepared to handle personal and business conflicts. In some cases, a conflict can become an issue that is difficult or impossible to resolve.

Conflict Management Training
Not all conflicts are bad. Sometimes, disagreements can force people to collaborate and come up with an effective solution to a problem. The key is knowing how to effectively manage conflict.

Attorney Ora Schwartzberg has more than 25 years of experience in law practice, mediation, and collaborative law. She has trained numerous organizations on dispute resolution. She offers conflict management training to organizations such as:

  • •   Business
  • •   Schools
  • •   Hospitals
  • •   Nursing homes
  • •   Municipalities
  • •   Government agencies
  • •   Anywhere people work together
  • Customized Services
    We offer the following conflict resolution trainings:

    Working within or outside an organization to resolve particular issues in dispute. Providing the services of a neutral professional (mediator) to assist conflicting parties to reach an agreement that serves their separate and mutual interests.

    Providing the services of a professional to negotiate an agreement on behalf of an organization.

    Training of staff in conflict management techniques

  • •   Increasing workplace morale
  • •   Development of effective working relationships
  • •   Capitalizing on employee involvement in company development