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Mediation for Couples Who Already Have Attorneys

When most people think about divorce, they think about heated arguments and court battles that rage for months or even years. Unfortunately, that traditional model makes a difficult breakup even worse, and it has the potential to harm children who feel the tension between their parents. The good news is that alternative procedures are available for working through a divorce with minimal conflict, and they can be highly effective.

Schwartzberg law is an experienced family law attorney who is also a certified marital mediator. If you are an attorney who is currently handling a divorce in family court, we encourage you to speak to your client about the potential benefits of using Ms. Schwartzberg's mediation services

Mediation Services Tailored to Your Needs From a Plymouth Attorney/Mediator
The benefits of using our mediation services include:

  • •   Greatly reduced levels of conflict between your client and his or her spouse
  • •   Increased satisfaction for you and your client
  • •   Reduced time commitments due to the efficiency of the mediation process
  • Whether you are a lawyer or someone getting divorced, you may be frustrated by the lengthy, contentious process of divorce litigation Link to Divorce.

    If so, why not talk about alternatives with Ora Schwartzberg, an attorney and successful mediator who has written the book on divorce mediation. Whatever stage of the litigation process you are currently involved in, it is not too late for you, your spouse and your attorneys to come to our firm. Attorney Schwartzberg can discuss your situation, explain the benefits of mediation, and if you and your lawyer decide it is the right fit, she will facilitate negotiations. In mediation, you can reach workable solutions to issues like:

  • •   Child custody and support
  • •   Alimony
  • •   Property Division
  • You can take control of your situation. You do not have to put your future in the hands of a judge. Mediation gives you the power to decide what you want your post-divorce life to look like.