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Using An Attorney As A Mediator

Anger. Resentment. Bitterness. These are some of the feelings that many people associate with family law issues. It is often true that litigation - the traditional mode of dispute resolution - breeds these kinds of feelings. Fortunately, there are other ways to deal with family disputes that lead to much happier, healthier results:

  • •   Mediation: We provide mediation services and also represent clients involved in mediation.
  • •   Collaborative law: Both parties and their attorneys sign an agreement to resolve issues without litigation.
  • •   Arbitration: The parties go before a neutral arbitrator who then makes a binding decision on the issues at hand.
  • Our seasoned attorneys collaborate with affiliated financial planners, appraisers and mental health professionals to resolve your legal issues without court intervention.

    Compassionate Mediation and Family Law Advice in New Hampshire
    Schwartzberg Law is a firm committed to helping people resolve family conflicts peacefully and respectfully. Our practice emphasizes the use of mediation and collaborative law as the best ways to handle divorce and its related issues. After more than 30 years of serving families in transition, we have found that these methods lead to outcomes that are much more satisfying for parents and children than anything a court battle would produce. Our seasoned attorneys collaborate with affiliated Financial Planners, Appraisers and Mental Health Professionals to resolve your legal issues without court intervention.

    Our Core Principles
    Our firm is built on the experience of Plymouth divorce attorney Ora Schwartzberg, who is also a certified family mediator and certified collaborative law attorney. We are a client-centered law firm that holds true to a few basic principles that we believe are vital to a healthy relationship between an attorney and a client:

  • •   Honest, open and ongoing communication
  • •   Sensitivity and respect
  • •   Actively listening to your concerns
  • •   Cost-effectiveness and efficiency
  • These are principles that we apply to every mediation, arbitration or collaborative law case we handle, whether it is a divorce, a custody dispute or the creation of a prenuptial agreement. Family is an anchor that provides stability for many people. When that anchor is dislodged by a divorce, it is easy to feel like you have been set adrift without a map or compass. The goal of our practice is to give you the direction you need to get your life back on course. We can even assist you with unbundled legal services if you do not require an attorney for every part of your case.