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Property Division

At our law office and mediation center in Plymouth, New Hampshire, we help our clients reach a property division agreement with as little conflict as possible. Marital property division can be difficult. However, through mediation, parties are able to settle matters in an efficient, cost-effective way without going to court.

Dividing Property Effectively for Clients Throughout New Hampshire - Marital Property Division Attorney/Mediator

Property Division and Mediation

Ora Schwartzberg handles property division both as an attorney and as a mediator. We believe that mediation is the most effective option for settling the majority of property and debt division cases.

Besides helping people resolve the issues at hand, mediation provides an excellent form for the exchange of documentation and to identify and value the following marital assets:

  • •   Homes and other real estate
  • •   Businesses
  • •   Retirement accounts
  • •   Stock options
  • The discovery and collection of assets can be done through mediation. We collect documentation to identify and value assets. We work with outside resources, such as appraisers and business valuators, to provide exemplary service to clients.

    Property Division - Common Concerns
    As a mediator and a lawyer, Ora Schwartzberg knows how difficult it can be to divide the property accumulated during a marriage. Individuals have financial as well as emotional concerns that enter into dividing marital property in a divorce:

  • •   How should real property be divided?
  • •   How should the family home be divided?
  • •   How should second homes, time shares, and income property be divided?
  • •   Will equitable property division provide for an appropriate division of property acquired during the marriage?
  • •   How is inherited property divided?
  • At our law office and mediation center, we will address your concerns about property division and guide you through the process of mediation. We aim to handle your case as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.