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Prenuptial Agreements

Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind
In the past, prenuptial agreements were viewed as something that people signed when they were not really sure that their marriage would last. Today, these agreements are recognized as what they truly are: useful tools used to explain what should happen to a couple's property if the marriage ends in divorce or death.

At Schwartzberg Law, we have met the needs of families in New Hampshire for more than 25 years. We have built a reputation as a firm that provides compassionate, effective service that is tailored to each client's unique needs. If you are thinking about a prenuptial agreement, we can help you explore your options and build a plan that protects your rights.

Why Have a Prenuptial Agreement?
A prenuptial agreement can ease the process of divorce, should it come to that. By laying out what should happen to property and debt, you can largely avoid the contentious court battles that are so frequent in property division matters. In fact, your relationship can be strengthened by having an honest, open discussion about assets and debts by eliminating possible sources of mistrust.

Schwartzberg Law has drafted prenuptial agreements for clients who have a variety of needs, such as:

  • •   Protecting separate property
  • •   Ensuring that children from a previous marriage receive an inheritance
  • •   Deciding what should happen to a jointly owned business
  • Prenuptial agreements must be very well drafted in order to hold up in court. Schwartzberg Law knows how to create documents that will be enforceable and withstand court scrutiny.