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Parenting Plans & Child Support

When a divorce involves children, it is essential that both parents place a high priority on the best interests of those children. As a certified Guardian ad Litem and a family law attorney with a Master's Degree in Family Counseling, Ora Schwartzberg helps families deal with child custody and child support matters.

Guidance Through Family Law Collaboration in New Hampshire

What are your Parental Rights and Responsibilities under the laws of New Hampshire? To recognize the importance of both parents, New Hampshire now refers to child custody and support as Parental Rights and Responsibilities.

  • •   Prior to the divorce, the parents must complete a parenting plan. You can find a parenting plan form (and other forms related to divorce) at the New Hampshire Judicial Branch Family Division site.
  • •   Parents need to decide on child custody issues such as residential responsibilities and decision-making responsibilities.
  • •   New Hampshire courts encourage as much contact with both parents as is practical under the circumstances.
  • •   The courts will order mediation in almost all cases. (Lawyer Ora Schwartzberg is a certified marital mediator.)
  • •   New Hampshire has child support guidelines. The court can adjust child support depending on such issues as parenting time. We can explain the guidelines and how they affect you.