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Collaborative Law

After more than twenty years as a divorce and family law attorney, Ora Schwartzberg knows that divorce issues do not have to go to litigation. Through collaborative law, the spouses may be able to enter into their divorced relationship with respect for each other and dignity for themselves.

Collaborative law is a constructive way to divorce. By respecting each other's positions, agreements evolve more easily. In collaborative law, the spouses agree that they will settle the divorce through collaboration, not litigation.

  • •   In collaborative law, you and your spouse control the decisions—not a judge.
  • •   Collaborative law focuses on creating a positive future and preserves bonds with children and other family members.
  • •   You, your spouse, and your lawyers sign a pledge to collaborate and to reach an agreement without going to court.
  • •   If you change your mind and decide to go to court, you must retain new counsel. Your collaborative law attorneys will not represent you in court.
  • •   You and your attorneys meet face-to-face in four way meetings and collaborate to reach an agreement on all issues involving the distribution of property, support, and your Parental Rights and Responsibilities (when children are involved).
  • •   You can also have your financial planner, tax and/or business advisors attend some of these four way meetings.